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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
All items on DWG pages will be on sale starting on these dates, if not already sold.
Prices on the website & when ordered from us will reflect the discounted prices.
June 1-30 = 10% off / July 1-31 = 15% off / Aug 1-31 = 20% off / Sept 1-30 = 25% off / Oct 1-Nov 30 = 30% off
Books, Pins, Bumper
Stickers, etc.
Auto Upholstery C10915 $21.85 = $15.00
Vintage Racing C3407R $26.00 = $15.00
Lifemobile C 4617B $14.95 = $10.00
Poster: Color poster 19" x 36" C13358 $12.00 1 lb.
Enamel red, white and blue with chrome accents.
Approximately 2 5/8" x 3 3/8" x 1/16" thick with 2
threaded "nuts" on the back to accept (2) 1" threaded
studs. C11793 $19.00 6 oz.
Discontinued When Gone. Real enamel &
metal. Red, White & Blue with Gold Trim.
1" long. C10974 $2.00 2 oz. ea.
1960 Monza Coupe
40th Anniversary (1960-2000)
Another pin produced by The Corvair
Preservation Foundation. PIN is 1
1/8" long x 5/8". Black border, white
background, red Monza Coupe and blue
lettering. C11354 $2.00 2 oz.
White embossed aluminum with the
emblem. C10069 $5.00 8 oz.
Fitch Sprint Model
1:43 scale
Willow green with black trunk & roof.
Comes in clear hard case.
$79.00 1 lb. 8 oz.
NOS 14" Wire Wheel Cover w/ Spinner
64-65 FC Sold each NOS CX4225 $195.00 9 lbs.
Fuel System Octane Enhancer (16 oz.)
Increases octane, good lead replacement, 1 oz. per 5 gallon increases octane
1.5 points. No air shipping. CX9125 $4.00 2 lbs.
NOS Rear Outer Strut Adjusting Bolt
With original markings; just the bolt – 65-69 (#9 pg 163).
CX9126 $21 8 oz
Don Yenko and the Yenko Stinger Book
Colored cover, black & white photos, 270 pages.
C13282 $35.00 1 lb.
YENKO Book: "A Scrapbook of
Stories, Recollections & the
Occasional Fact"
By employees & others that were there at the time.
Covers the Corvairs, Corvettes, Novas, Camaros,
Vegas, etc. C12039
$29.00 1 lb. 8 oz.
By Chevrolet
Experimental & Production Cars
1957-1969, Introduction by Edward
N. Cole. From his files on the Corvair
– which he first road-tested in 1959 –
Karl Ludvigsen presents photos of
a Corvair engine installed in a
Porsche, its first running test bed.
Photos of the production Corvairs
down through the years. Ludvigsen, who worked at GM during much of the
Corvair era from 1960 to 1969, reveals styling models and one of the most
handsome sports prototypes ever designed, the Corvair Monza GT. Soft
cover, 128 pages, 10 1/4" x 8 1/2", 120 B&W photos.
C3464A $15.00 1 lb.
Corvair: A History & Restoration Guide
We’ve been out of this book for 10+ years but just found a couple. By Bill
Artzberger. A short Corvair history and what to look for when buying a Corvair.
Over 60 pages of restoration tips – body & mechanical, over 170 total pages.
C7331 $18.00 2 lbs.
VW Ring Gear6 Volt (109 Teeth)
C5584 $25.00 2 lbs.
Delco Dry Battery
Still in original box from 30 years ago.
For 65-69, just add acid. No guarantee.
CX9004 $149.00 20 lbs.
1965 Headlight
These were an excellent
aftermarket part that was produced
during the 1960's. These are the 1965
style. They do not have the raised area on the edge like the 66-69. It is
unlikely that we will ever repro the 65 style. These have very slight waves in
the stamping (compare to NOS).
Pair (Ieft & right): 2nds, minor scratches CX8917 $169.00 2 lbs.
Left side ONLY: Best Quality CX8915 $89.00 1 lb.
Rechromed Turbo Intake Crossover Pipe
Chromed about 20 years ago & put in storage. Very nice, but not the
absolute highest quality. Fit 63-66 Turbos.
Best Quality CX8746 $145.00 4 lbs.
2nds: Not buffed enough & minor "spots" CX8747 $ 99.00 4 lbs.
Fiberglass Repro of Original 66-69 Front Spoiler
C190F $79.00 dimensional weight
NOS 64-69 Regular Pressure Plate
New and complete, but heavy surface rust. No real pits.
CX1520 $135.00 18 lbs.
1965 Globright Backup Lens
Looks identical to guide lens except for the
name. CX8645
$15.00 6 oz.

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