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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
New Electronic Distributor – 60-69 Corvairs (exc. Turbo)
Complete with cap, new drive gear and ready to install. Designed to fit Corvair engines. Similar to OEM construction & appearance.
No external box to mount; 3 wire hook-up with adjustable mechanical advance, high energy electronics with magnetic trigger (inside
distributor). Also includes vacuum block-off for racing. Two styles available for cap & wires. Original style cap uses all original
Corvair plug wires. HEI style cap uses pin style plug wires (HEI plug wires have correct Corvair spark plug boots). This distributor
comes with a harness about 9" longer than stock use needs. Either coil up the excess or race applications may want the extra
length. Shorter harness: You can also order the distributor with a harness that is about 9" shorter at a higher cost; nice length for
stock installation. Includes complete installation instructions for distributor, cap & wires.
See Additional Notes Below.
Electronic Distributor: Long Harness
w/ Original Style Black Cap C13259 $211.00 5 lbs.
w/ HEI Style Black Cap C13260 $194.00 5 lbs.
w/ HEI Style Red Cap C13261 $194.00 5 lbs.
12 Volt Coil Wire Kit 60-64 C13285 $9.80 8 oz.
65-69 C13286 $10.15 8 oz.
HEI Black Plug Wires C13273 $49.15 2 lbs.
HEI Red Plug Wires C13274 $49.15 2 lbs.
HEI Bright Blue Plug Wires C13332 $49.15 2 lbs.
Replacement Cap
Original Style Black Cap C13290 $19.00 6 oz.
HEI Style Black Cap C13291 $19.00 6 oz.
HEI Style Red Cap C13292 $19.00 6 oz.
HEI Style Bright Blue Cap C13331 $15.00 6 oz.
Replacement Rotor C13262 $8.45 2 oz.
Electronic Distributor: Short Harness
w/ Original Style Black Cap C13287 $221.00 5 lbs.
w/ HEI Style Black Cap C13288 $204.00 5 lbs.
w/ HEI Style Red Cap C13289 $204.00 5 lbs.
QAdditional Distributor Notes:
1. You must have 12 volts at the coil. Order 12 volt coil wire kit to
replace wiring harness resistor wire.
2. You must use 12 volt coil or high output coil such as our C11401,
C11402, or C11403 (pg. 75). There are other coil options listed
in the instructions. You cannot use an OEM coil.
3. Not for Turbos as there are no pressure retards available
and OEM does not fit.
4. Early 140hp secondary throttle bell crank may interfere
with the cap.
5. Clears high mounted AC pumps; may not clear smog pump.
Inexpensive Seat Buns – Really a "Deal"?
There are less expensive seat buns (see Brand X photo below), but do you really want them? Their density is close
and the size is close, but they do not have the attaching fabric like Clark's or the originals do. This means you
can place them on your bucket frame but will not be able to correctly attach them so that they stay in place while
you install the upholstery. Getting a perfect bucket seat upholstery installation is hard enough without having a seat
bun that won't stay in place. Both of our top & bottom seat buns (sold as a set for one bucket) have the 4 pieces of
attaching fabric. Brand X has none.
Brand X – No fabric on sides Clark seat bun with fabric on 4 sides
1965 Headlight Bezels
These were an excellent aftermarket part that was produced during the 1960's. These are the 1965 style.
They do not have the raised area on the edge like the 66-69. It is unlikely that we will ever repro the 65 style.
These have very slight waves in the stamping (compare to NOS).
Pair (Ieft & right): 2nds, minor scratches CX8917 $169.00 2 lbs.
Left side ONLY: Best Quality CX8915 $98.00 1 lb.

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