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iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
108Flywheel   Clutch   Pressure PlateRectangle
pg. MK-9 MULTI-KITS see Blue pg  MK-9
Backside of high performance pressure plate (Turbo, 140 ) Also good on other engines (note weighted areas)Standard Trans      CLUTCH   is sometimes used to mean   CLUTCH DISC   but can also mean the whole combination  of fl   RectangleTorque Converter     P G   See P G  Section pages 133-135B In an automatic the flex plate and TORQUE CONVERTER take t   Special Note: Flywheels & pressure plates can and do get put on various year cars  When ordering, just be sure they a
RectangleORIGINALFLYWHEEL (clutch surface up)PRESSURE PLATE (before bolting) C33C CU3214 C1141B CU3213 TO USE 1964-69 (Combination on 1960-63): A  Use 1964-69 throw out bearing C33C     B  Use CU3214 for pivot ball stud
C493 C492 C4628 C494 C495 C1179 C701 A MUST Replacing flywheel, clutch and or pressure plate  Be sure to replace these items to keep oil and gear oil off    page 4 See our   Special Gasket Set   page 4
Shipping Improvement   PRESSURE PLATES AND FLYWHEELS are being shipped in new heavy duty double wall boxes that prote   PolygonRectangle

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