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C13276 C726A C2199 C726A C2199 C3106
iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
Rectangle175NUTS & BOLTSIMPORTANT FACTS Nuts and bolts of any importance should NEVER BE REUSED  Not only are they rusty, but the bolt shank    RectangleRectangleMany of these bolts and screws are listed in other parts of the catalog with the systems that they apply to  We have
Rectangle C3106 C726A C757 C757A COTTER PINS   BALL JOINTS  DRAG LINK  CLUTCH Stainless Steel (Set of 5) C3106 2 oz  set Regular Steel (Set of 5) C726
TIE RODS & IDLER ARMS C726A a little small on some tie rods, C2199 a little big on some tie rods  COTTER PIN (Set of
RectangleRectangle C6652 C6659 C11389 SHAKEPROOF LOCK WASHERS ASSORTMENT: 10 each of the following sizes of external tooth lock washers  #6, #8, #10, 1 4
Rectangle C3352 C3355 C3353 C3356 C727 C3354 C3351 Sold in Sets of 5  Shown smaller than actual size  1 8   C3352 1 oz   set 3 8   C3355  1 oz  set 3 16    C3353 1 oz
RectangleRectangle C3137 C3432 C9068 C3694 C3695 C6912 C11326 C7151 C7150 C3700 C1438T C3700 Pages 175-185 Antiseize: A must for bolts or studs into aluminum  Also good for steel into steel  Can with brush applicator  1 2 lb   Polygon
Cone, Toothed Lock Washers These are used in a few places on some Corvairs (usually door latches & retainers)  These    Rectangle

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