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iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
Rectangle1921965-69 front lower steel Body PanelRectangleRectangleRectangleRectangleRectangleRectangleAn excellent one piece steel repro that includes the reinforcement on the backside for the license plate  This exactl   Fiberglass Front Panels   thick-hand laid panels   FIBERGLASS Lower Panel FULL WIDTH (see bottom of sketch above) C36   Replace that missing, rusty or bent bracket with these exact repros  We believe the 1965 (only) had round holes for t   1965-69 FRONT FENDERS   COMPLETE Fit 1965-69 but (1968-69) have to cut the side marker light holes  Fender includes t   FRONT FENDER PATCH PANELS 1965-69 A   BOTTOM FRONT CORNER  GraphicLineAbout 1O   high  Steel are excellent reprosCovers areas shown in sketch marked A or B1965-69 B   REAR BOTTOM CORNER  GraphicLineu (plus UPS LPS due to size See page 204 for shipping info)Please Wear Gloves With Panels PANEL DISCOUNT page 186PANEL DISCOUNT page 186IN STOCK   Late 2019

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