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C6355A C6356 C6357 C6358 C6361 C6362 C6361A C6362 C6359 C6360 C6357 C6358 C6363 C6364 C6365 C6366 C6367 C6368 C6369 C6370 C6371 C6372 Pg 7 page 1 Pages 4-8 pages 5 & 6 page 1
iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
RectangleRectangleThe  I Want EVERY Gasket  ENGINE GASKET SET OKAY   YOU ASKED FOR IT  One part number that will give you every single possible replaceable gasket, head gasket, se   Year (All 3 Lbs  each),Complete  I Want Everything Gasket Set  (With Regular Head Gaskets),Gasket Set (With NO Head G
For VITON Bell housing & crank pulley SEAL Add V to the end of ANY part number on this page
GraphicLineINSTALLING ENGINE SEALS CORRECTLY 1  Remove old seals and clean area 2  Apply a light coat of lubriplate or oil on ou
The  I Want The LEAST Complete  ENGINE GASKET SETI need to completely reseal this engine but only want what MUST BE replaced  CLARK TOP QUALITY of course C9225 C9226 C9225A C9226 C9227 C9228 C9229 C9230 Year  (All 2 Lbs  each),WITH REGULAR Head Gaskets,WITH NO Head Gaskets,1960-64 Cars & 61-64 FC,C9225,C9226,1965 FC,C9   Rectangle page 5 page 5 page 6 These SETS INCLUDE a complete HEAD GASKET Set  A  page 5 and  MAJOR BLOCK Set  B  page 5 (with cork pan gasket)  And
See page 1 to be sure you are ordering for the correct engine
Rectangle FLAT  side of stock head gasket goes against head
pg. MK-2 ENGINE DISCOUNT   see Blue pg  MK-2
RectangleSEALING LIPSIndividual SEALS & GASKETS   Pages 4-8 RectangleRectangleFor VITON Bell housing & crank pulley SEAL Add V to the end of ANY part number on this page ON WEBSITE Click on any n

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