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C6507 C6510 C6513 C6508 C6511 C6509 C6512 pages 39 pages 3 page 28 Page 54
iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
pg. MK-2 ENGINE DISCOUNT   see Blue pg  MK-2
Page 44 Exhaust housing shim Page 44 after #22 Rectangle
43Turbo Parts This section has all the parts related to the stock Turbo system and performance parts  It has been divid   A  Turbo Repair Parts B  Turbo Rebuild Kits C  Turbo Rebuild Service D  Fuel System (lines, etc ) E  Stock Turbo Carb   Also See These Related Areas: Exhaust pages 39 42 Engine Parts pages 3 27 Gauges page 28
PICTURE # C3756 C3161 C999 C684 C382 C1002 CU1002 C1004 CU1004 C6 C2316 CU1108 C1109 CU1109 C4911 C5 page 353 page 44 page 50   Turbo Hoses: Intake manifold, oil drain & vacuum   See page 50
Rectangle 008   C6507    1 oz , 011   C6510    1 oz ,Set of One Each Shim (6) C6513    2 oz  set, 009   C6508    1 oz , 012

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