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iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
RectanglePolygonRectangle791  Premium rebuilt point plate with ground strap  2  Two (2) bushings are installed (original only had 1)  3  Shaft p   Precision Rebuilt & Improved Distributors1 year full guarantee
Pressure Retard NOT includedPolygon
PRICING Priced 2 WaysRectangle
Rectangle C9329 Battery Disconnect: Top Quality Leave on your battery all the time or during repairs so you can quickly twist the kno
New Electronic Distributor   60-69 Corvairs (exc  Turbo) Complete with cap, new drive gear and ready to install  Desi   Electronic Distributor: Long Harness              All 5 lbs     w  Original Style Black Cap C13259  w  HEI Style Blac   FC Battery Lid Rubber Catch Nice limited repro of this item used on all FC except ramp loadsides  A   Rubber Catch C1   Rectangle
C13268 pg. 80 FC Battery Tray (Support) Non-Exact Repro Stronger than the original  Fits like the original using the original batte   Polygon
Batteries   We no longer have any Corvair batteries
More FC (Van) Battery PartsGraphicLineGraphicLine

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