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C4674 C1135 C2605R page 27C C1008A C3531
iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
ENGINE BLOCK page 9 (refer to picture, page 9)
C2825 C6106 C177OR C1135 C483 C483V C1751 CU125 CU126 CU2601UZ CU127 CU1792UZ C47C C1395T C482 C483A C5053 C3942 C1009A C1009C C1009E C1009B C1009D C3530 C1801 C1799 C7646 C1800 C4473 C6810 C3708 C3708 C6811 C3709 C482 C2605R C4674 C4677 C123C C680 CU3807 C5115 C7465 C326 CU3061 CU85 CU1268 page 347 page 27B page 27C page 27C Page 31 page 347 page 347 page 347 page 4 ALUMINUM   SOLID PULLEY: DISCONTINUED 7  DEGREE WHEEL   Heavy gauge aluminum with instructions for finding T D C  for   PICTURE #
We now offer the aluminum cover that we use with our high volume kits  Will fit with no modification  Requires longer      SaverNOTE: To Prime the Corvair Oil Pump, Rotate Clockwise   Saver KitPolygon12PolygonRectangleC1135Bigger Photos page 27CRectangleRectangleC2605RC4674

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