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Part number C10341: ULTIMATE "B" BRAKE KIT-60-61 CARS
This part is a Multi Kit, which contains the following parts:
  Part Number C2110: 2 x GR8 60-64 R & 65-69 F/R WHL CYL BOLTS-
  Part Number C2411: 1 x 60-61 CAR MASTER CYLINDER
  Part Number C330: 2 x 60-68 FRONT BRAKE HOSE
  Part Number C331R: 2 x 60-64 CARS & FC REAR BRAKE HOSE
  Part Number C333: 4 x BRAKE HOSE RETAINER*60-68 FT,60-64&FC RR
  Part Number C6085: 4 x 60-62 ADJUSTING WHEEL-FT OR R,LF OR RT
  Part Number C6089: 2 x BRAKE SPRING COMPLETE KIT-60-62 FT/REAR
  Part Number C725: 4 x COPPER WASHER BRAKE
  Part Number C7290: 2 x RETAINER-FT BRAKE ANCHOR 60-64-ALSO FC
  Part Number C7846: 2 x EMERGENCY STRUT LEVER SPRING 60-64
  Part Number C889: 1 x BRAKE CYLINDER-FT LEFT 60-64
  Part Number C889A: 1 x BRAKE CYLINDER-FT RIGHT 60-64
  Part Number C890: 1 x BRAKE CYLINDER-60-64 LEFT REAR
  Part Number C891: 1 x BRAKE CYLINDER-60-64 RIGHT REAR
  Part Number C9292: 2 x 60-61 STYLE BRAKE SHOES-FRONT & REAR**

NOTICE: Price includes core value: $30.00. You will be issued a refund of $30.00 when you return the used part.
Weight: 32 lbs 4 oz
Catalog Page(s): MK-11
Price: $ 563.90
Order Quantity:

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