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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
"NOS" NOT listed in the "NOS" Catalog
These Items Will be Discontinued When Gone.
1961-65 FC Complete Steel Left Front Rocker Panel/Wheel Opening – Original: Allows for
a perfect replacement of rusted panel. $550 oversize UPS. CX8700
$495.00 30 lbs.
65-69 Front Metal Grill: In front of windshield.
CX8705 $129.00 10 lbs.
Delco Battery Cables:
Most in Delco boxes. These were the cables from the late 70's with
bolted ends.
61-65 FC Positive Cable CX8740
$28.00 2 lbs.
61-69 Cars (exc. wagons) Positive Cable CX8742 $30.00 2 lbs.
61-64 Car Air Control Cable
(to rear) CX4047 $59.00 2 lbs.
65-69 Car Heater Control Cable (to rear)
CX4271 $59.00 2 lbs.
Lo Note Horns:
Look like NOS, but the brackets are slightly different.
Can be modified to work on 61-64. CX8713
$28.00 3 lbs.
1965 Accelerator Rod: From transmission to carb cross shaft (exc turbo & 140)
CX8728 $35.00 2 lbs.
65-69 Rear Coil Spring Rubber Cushions:
Set of 2; dusty from sitting.
CX8714 $8.00 2 lbs.
1961-64 Door Hinges
4 door rear lower left CX8635 $18.00 2 lbs.
4 door rear lower right CX8636 $18.00 2 lbs.
65-66 Turbo Heat Shield:
Note: New, but the stainless had "dimples" in the metal before
it was polished. Looks fine from 4 ft, but up close, it should be a 2nd.
CX8641 $169.00 5 lbs.
65-69 Dust Cover
(shell only): Clutch adj rod to bell housing.
CX8619 $7.00 4 oz.
65-67 500 Front Red Plastic Arm Rest Base
(one only - no pad)
CX8621 $18.00 1 lb.
FC Side Door Lock Latch: Attaches to edge of side door & small arm for up & one for down.
Right Side Rear Door
CX8611 $24.00 1 lb.
Left Side Rear Door CX8612 $24.00 1 lb.
Inside Rear View Mirror:
Chevy, not original Corvair, but will fit. Black back, day/night, 1O".
$35.00 1 lb.
61 Emergency Brake Warning Light: Original accessory. Mounts under dash.
CX8763 $69.00 8 oz.
61-62 FC Master Cylinder
Save $40 over Repro!
New, older MC, EXACT except line goes
in bottom instead of side. We supply
adaptor line and coupler – just bend
brake line and screw into coupler!
CX8330 $85.00 7 lbs.
Need Pistons with Rods
Pressed on? Save$$! Perfect Condition!
Prices include early core ($42) or late core ($192). All are
sets of 6 (Even bigger savings: we did not include the
normal press on fee.)
6 Cast 61-63 +20 pistons with C7719 rods pressed on.
CX9007 $4 87.55
= $414.40 16 lbs.
We just checked in over 200 NOS parts; many were body panels we were out of. The following are some
we hadn’t listed before or are very rare.
We also have a good selection of 1961-64 & 1965 headlight backing
plates, most without the bulb “cups” – See NOS Catalog, page 16.
Lower A-arm: Includes bushing, ball joint & a stabilizer clamp on each side. One clamp for 62-63 with stabilizer,
the other for 64 cars – note sides! The extra clamp could be cut off.
Lower A-arm: With 62-63 stabilizer clamp (fits right side) and 64 clamp (fits left side). CX5635 $125 10 lbs.
Lower A-arm: With 63-63 stabilizer clamp (fits left side) and 64 clamp (fits right side). CX5636 $125 10 lbs.
61-65 FC Crossover: Rusty – with packing sleeves installed – complete. CX9154 $100
62-63 Sheet Metal Horn Shield: For behind headlight – right side. CX9155 $75 5 lbs.
63-65 FC Floor Mounted Shift Support for the Shift Lever CX9156 $55 2 lbs.
1964-65 FC Front “Gravel Shield”: The panel behind the front bumper, covers the brake & clutch pedal linkages CX9147 $220
1961-65 FC Front Body Panel – See NOS Catalog, page 40
Complete & nice CX7382 $650
Complete with some surface rust CX9140 $575
1961 Complete NOS FC Manual Radio Kit CX1258 $225
More NOS In Stock
T3 Headlight Bulbs: Never used on a car – removed from headlight units. Tested,
but only guaranteed for 30 days. Priced LESS THAN REPRO BULBS! Sold each.
2 Prong Hi Beam CX5559 $12.00
These can be quite difficult, check all the pipes before you
replace just one, even the turbo outlet pipe may require
you to remove the crossover & inlet on some years.
Have you considered your wheel lug nuts may be 50-60 years old and
been tightened (& over tightened?) many times.
New lug nuts – all Corvairs: C592
1961-64 Rampside Bed Leveler Kit
This makes the floor "level". All the steel pieces, includes instructions for cutting the
plywood, you need some skill to do the plywood – Chevy never supplied the plywood-
only instructions. C13420 Order if interested – need 10 orders to consider

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