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iWARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cance
WHAT YEAR ENGINE   HEADS(3 740 & 3 800   top outside diameter of cylinder)  These sketches of the combustion chambers will help you determine which engine you have  All compression was controll   Before ordering head gaskets, rings, etc , you may want to double check these sizes   as engines do get switched Year,Displacement Cubic Inches,* Head Gasket  Bore   Approx ,Cylinder Bore,* Piston Ring Groove Widths   compression
Polygon1 3 8
PolygonPolygon1 3 16
60-63: 80, 84 62-63: 150 61-63: 102, 98 64: 150 65-66: 180 64-67: 95 64-67: 110 65-66: 140 68-69: SMOG
HEAD NUMBERSWe have found that the engine codes by the oil filter are often inaccurate and do NOT take into consideration that he
Year,Horsepower,Head Numbers,1960,80,3789426, 6256711, 6256721, 6257838,1961,80,3786588, 3786589, 3787841, 3788738,19   Year,Horsepower,Head Numbers,1964,110,3819876, 3856631, 3856632, 3886257,1964,TURBO 150,3819904, 3856636, 3856638, 38
These numbers are found on the top of the block near the gen  alternator plate (near oil pressure sender)  These are    ENGINE NUMBERS: Suffix   VIN # s1960-63,HP,Suffix,Manual,80,Y, YC, YH,60 Manual,95,YA,YB,61 Manual,80,YF,Manual,98-102,YJ, YN, YD,61-62 Manual,98-102   1964,HP,Suffix,Manual,95,YC,Manual,110,YN,Manual, FC (Van),95,V,64 FC Manual,95,VA,64 FC Manual,110,VB,Manual, A C,95   1965-68,HP,Suffix,Manual,95,RA,Manual,110,RD,Manual,140,RM,Manual (Corsa),140,RB, RR,Manual, A C,95,RE,Manual, A C,11   1965-68,HP,Suffix,Smog, Manual,110,RU,67 Smog, Manual,110,QS,Smog, Manual,140,RY,66 Smog, Manual,140,RQ,66 Smog, Manu   RectangleRectangle

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